Guardian Home Application

At Dreamydoodles Northwest all our breeding dogs either live with my family OR in the homes of some very special families we call our "Guardian Families".

If you have ANY negative feelings about dog breeding or dog breeders in general.. this is not the right program for you.

Please don’t put me or yourself through that kind of unnecessary torment. I've seen what bad dog breeding looks like.. so I can understand your concern but not all dog breeders are money hungry, evil, dog abusers. I've also seen some really amazing, responsible, educated and passionate dog breeders and I wholeheartedly consider myself to be one of those breeders. 

Hopefully, you've already read our Guardian Family information page and you believe this would be something you'd enjoy being a part of. 

Once you've read the whole page linked above, please fill out the Guardian Family application below.

I'll be in touch when we have openings for new guardian families. If you don't hear back from me right away, please don't assume it's because you've been denied. It's might actually be because you just live too far away or I don't have any puppies available at the moment.

If you have any questions, you can always email me at


F1B Labradoodle "Maddie" as a Puppy. One of our very first Guardian Dogs.
She's already had puppies of her own... including Arlo the puppy at the top of this page. Maddie's been retired from breeding for a several years now but she was an important part of the Dreamydoodle legacy and she really enjoyed her job as a Mom!

We'll forever be grateful to all our  girls and the Guardian Families who helped raise and love them!

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